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Plain [Joker x Reader]
It was an ordinary evening in Gotham City, people rushing home from work to relax, stores slowly closing for the night and street lights waking up in the dark. And as usual, the criminals started their business. It wasn't very unusual to hear gun shots and police sirens in this city, so while people indeed were careful they weren't all the surprised to see the Batmobile speeding after a purple Lamborghini. While the crazy laughter from inside the luxurious car couldn't be heard to the people on the streets, everyone knew who the man driving was.
Joker was having the time of his life with this little chase game. Not that he didn't have fun pretty much everyday, that was the kind of life he was living after all, but there was always that extra thrill of toying with Batman.
“C'mon Batsy, C'mon!” Joker laughed as he pressed down harder on the gas pedal, making his car shoot down the long street. The people on the streets all moved further away from the road, hoping to not catch
:iconnixdex:nixdex 430 72
Daryl Dixon X Reader
You were trapped in the prison somewhere, cold and almost unconscious. You barely had the energy to move.
You had been able to save yourself from a pack of hungry Walkers before. You just managed to shut yourself in a small room so Walkers couldn't get to you.
But now, no-one could.
You had tried to get out before, but you were still too weak to open the door, even though it was fairly easy to shut yourself in.
For a while, you tried calling out the names that appeared in your head, but there was only one name which kept flickering on and off like a light.
For some reason it was the only name you yelled. You desperately wanted him to find you. But...why?
You sobbed all the tears you had for a while, being stuck in a small hidden room.
But now you were almost unconscious, unable to even lift a finger. If you tried calling for someone, only small mumbles were to escape your mouth.
You had managed to lay against the wall before it was too late. And the Walkers had gone now, there w
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 275 15
Princess || Daryl Dixon
The soft music still played in the background. Your pink dress that had been made especially for that certain occasion was ruined. You accidentally stained it with something, red wine probably. You could get it cleaned, to wear it another time but as it was ripped from the bottom to your waist, there was no sense in doing that. And even your favorite high heels were long forgotten as you left them somewhere in the ballroom. They weren’t needed anymore.
People were still dancing on the ballroom floor, even if the night had already ended and the sky was slowly getting brighter. Candles were still lit and champagne was still flowing- the party was still on, and you weren’t allowed to excuse yourself. You were an important guest, after all.
And the main dish wasn’t yet served.
Slowly and quietly you made your way through an empty hotel’s corridors. The broken glass on the carped cut the skin on your bare feet. It was quiet in that part of the building. But still, so
:iconlilysm:Lilysm 101 28
Truth or Dare- Joker x Reader
"Well [f/n], the question is..." the man trailed off, a wide, deranged grin on his face as he circled you, "Truth or Dare?"
You smirked, a smooth, sultry expression, "Truth."
"Oh come on, you're so boring!" the Joker whined, mussing his hands through his lanky green hair. "Why must you choose Truth when Dare can be so much more interesting?"
"Is that your question?" you inquired, raising a playful eyebrow. "Because if you had any better ideas, now you've missed your chance."
The psychopath scowled but nodded, "Fine. Answer, now."
Your smirk widened as you rolled your head around your shoulders, cracking your neck as you replied lazily, "I chose Truth because it can prove infinitely more interesting and telling than a Dare. A Dare mly tells you how foolish or dauntless a person is. With a Truth, you can tell their answer even if they refuse to reply. If they answer, you have your Truth. If they refuse, they have something to hide."
"Clever," the Joker admitted, eyes gleaming with what y
:iconsupernova750:Supernova750 208 9
Joker x Reader
In this little oneshot I have created at 11:00 at night reader is a bit in Harley's place however, she still exists. Harley fell in love with Joker as per usual but when he rejected her advances she lost hope and you helped her through the heartbreak soon enough she was over the whole ordeal and you two had become best friends. Now, however, Joker's new interest is…you.
"No! Get away from me!"
"________, you have to remember! Come on, sweetheart, please." Gotham's hero begged. You turned away and scoffed, only for Batman to turn you toward him again as he connected your lips and you struggled to get away but soon enough he was ripped away from you by the collar. Joker stood above him, a genuine frown on his lips. It was slightly alarming seeing him so grim and serious. He was pissed.
"YOU. SHUT. YOUR. WHORE. MOUTH." You whimpered quietly at his response to you. He didn't even flinch. Suddenly his foot cracked down onto Batman's head. One. Two. Three. Four times. You tried t
:iconacspeacock:Acspeacock 163 12
Wreak Havoc (Joker x Reader)
"They call me a menace
They say that I’m cursed
But somethin' about me is makin' 'em jealous
So listen and learn"
You were watching the club from the roof of a nearby building. Your phone was laying next to you and you sometimes glanced at it to see if your "employee" completed his task. 'He should be done by now.' you thought, smirking.
Wind played with your (h/c) hair as your (e/c) eyes scanned the streets. You had to watch out, because this mission was really dangerous.
Your name is (y/n), the most wanted and mysterious criminal in Gotham city. You were well-known for your (f/c) body suit, black high heels and black mask covering your face. Batman has chased after you since you were almost caught by the police during one of your missions. You were really unaware of the rules of the "game" you've started to play and that made you an easy target.
Although this time your mission wasn't involving Batman, but the criminal side of Gotham - the Joker particularly. You decided to blow
:iconimgonnaleavenow:imgonnaleavenow 9 2
The Risk (Joker x Reader)
You tried to open your eyes, but you failed miserably when the blinding light hit your (e/c) orbs. You wanted to hiss, but your voice also decided to let you down. Instead you growled desperately in your mind, trying to figure out where the fuck you were.
You slowly started to open your eyes and succeeded this time. You looked around to find yourself in a room really similar to a prison cell - the only exceptions were the weapons placed neatly on the table and some strange machines surrounding you.
You didn't remember how you got there, but it looked familiar. The room seemed empty, but you didn't know if there wasn't anybody behind you. You managed to move your head a little, just to find a mirror. You looked at your reflection, which presented the most miserable and dull version of a human you had ever seen in your life - and you saw it multiple times.
Your short, (h/c) hair was all over your face. Your (f/c) lipstick was smeared, which made you look as if you had a good make out or
:iconimgonnaleavenow:imgonnaleavenow 9 0
Guinea Pig :icon15sok:15sok 14 2 Chapter 47 Cover in Colors :icon15sok:15sok 6 0 Duty :icon15sok:15sok 13 1 Destiny... :icongabbyzamora96:GabbyZamora96 44 6 Akihiro :iconkarmen16:Karmen16 4 3 Elizabeth :iconcatarina333:catarina333 6 0 Nanatsu no Taizai :icontanukichin26:tanukichin26 55 1 Nanatsu no Taizai Ch. 101 - Meliodas and Elizabeth :iconimug3tsu:IMug3tsu 203 42 Miles Matheson / Bass Monroe :iconmartinkasamp:martinkasamp 1 0


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